Graybeard Mountain 01-20-14

Today is hike #5 for the season.  I was so busy with the retail season over the Christmas holiday and ordering for next Fall that hike #4 got lost in the shuffle.  Now is the time that I do most of my hiking – no bees and a slower time at work.

Left the parking lot around noon with the temperature around 56.  Got back around 3:30, temperature at 60!  Really enjoyed todays hike.  26 other hikers and 2 dogs were out and about today.  The weather man says artic vortex #2 heading in tomorrow.

Moving past the creek walk brought me to the relative

Mr. Oak taking a break.

Mr. Oak taking a break.

openness of the switchbacks.  The blue sky opened up and the sun was warm and bright.  This is the day that the Lord hath made.  After weeks of not hiking, the muscles needed some loosening up and the impureaties of the holiday foods and cheer needed to be worked out.  I was able to relax a little and stretch this one out.  Here is a mighty oak tree taking a break on a boulder.

11The view on top was special.  This has to be where “Carolina blue” came from.

                     The wind was quite and the view was spectacular.



The walk back down the swithbacks was the closest I’ve ever come to falling asleep while walking.  The sun on my back was warm and I am tired.


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