The Egg

It is certainly Spring time in Black Mountain.  The Dogwoods are beautiful and the temps are consistently warmer.  Makes me want to grill out.  My problem (one of them anyway) is that my old gas grill has finally died.  I went to the local store wanting to get a simple charcoal grill replacement.  Oh well… Meet “The Egg”.

The Egg and my buddy Lucy

The Egg and my buddy Lucy

So what do you do when you get a really killer new grill?  Go to the local meat store Honest Meat also known as Foothills Farm.

And, you have to have a great bottle of wine from our favorite wine store Merry WineWP_20140329_002 Market.

This will take a while to learn how to use.  Thanks to all the local shops that have made this evening special.

What do you think would be good to cook on this grill?